Chuck texts Travis several times a day.

I'll see them tomorrow night.

I know what I heard.


What a fool I was!

We have to put off the game till next Sunday.

Look! There goes a shooting star.

I don't need more advice.

I have a natural talent for maths.

He could not make it in business.

Before the advent of video games children played cowboys and Indians.


You can do it, too.


We are entering a vicious circle.

Have you ever cut a tree with an ax?

I will cut your fingers and tongue, Caty!


Tony looked down at his dirty old shoes.


The area looked pretty clean.

This food is terrible.

I wanted Geoffrey to clean his room.

He kept calm in the face of the danger.

It's obvious that Presley is in love with Louie.


The government imposed a new tax on farmers.

My mother calls me Thomas, but everyone else calls me Mechael.

We're never going to make it on time.

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I need to sleep a little.

Graeme is helping his mother in the kitchen.

Boston is a great place to raise kids.

Stay the hell away from her!

Why do you say that he's liar?

Bonnie couldn't stand being alone with Claude.

Wayne loves studying music.

The butcher shop sells assorted cuts of meat.

They should've noticed me.

My brother takes a new book out of the library every day.

The boy's problems are physical, not mental.

Kinshasa is the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

You remind me so much of my friend Marina, a great teacher of Russian.

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I don't have a computer at home.


She tried hard to imitate Mariah Carey but failed.

Frederic ran her perfectly manicured nails through her hair.

The academically talented students helped others in the classroom.


I smell smoke.


I thought you were going to Boston.

Pria isn't my problem.

Dan doesn't know the extent of Linda's criminal history.

I used to work at a gas station.

Al's important.


I'm going to tell Claire all about it.


Where can I get a telephone card?


Where is Esperantoland actually?


He outweighs me by 10 kg.

You can count on me for five thousand yen or so when you're in difficulties.

I stayed at my uncle's during the summer.


I was so drunk last night.

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I still don't want one.


Give me the cheapest round trip flights from Indianapolis to Orlando around 25th December.

Sorry about the last time.

Divorce is becoming more common nowadays.

Just let go.

I'm honored to know you.

Don't spend more than you earn.

Eugene and Justin are both sitting on the couch.

Now that you mention it, I don't remember seeing Casey in class today.

I was told that I should sleep at least seven hours a day.


Don't do two things at once.

Ric meets Pontus in the school library two or three times a week.

You're very strong, aren't you?

I'm not going anywhere on Monday.



You can get a quick glimpse of Mt. Fuji from the window of the train.

The stable is right behind the farm house.

You're too cute.

Always keep an open mind.

Your dog bit my hand.

He is a master of English literature.

Why did you marry Panos?

Tuna doesn't have to go to school tomorrow.

The government executes the orders of the bankers.


Meg must carry on her studies.

There's something he's not telling us.

I remember meeting you somewhere.


My father was satisfied with the result.


I can't believe you really want to do that.

Did you bury something on that island?

It was frustrating.

I know who's on the list.

Chip came before I had waited ten minutes.

Accidental damage isn't covered by the warranty.

Isn't that your nail-biting son?

How did it go at the job interview?

Honesty is the primary reason for his success.


It was the poor who died youngest.

Spyros hasn't yet returned the book to me that Nichael wants to read.

I'll be happy if you will come with me.

The police appealed to the crowd not to panic.

Kiss him.

My cat ignores me, except when she's hungry.

Cristopher was given an injection with a hypodermic needle.

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Rock is the music of the young.

Let me make a trip over there.

I just don't feel like doing that tonight.


Please give me a glass of water.

Rand likes soccer.

I didn't look for this.

The truth is that I can't speak French at all.

We hardly even talk anymore.


We still have some farm equipment that hasn't been used since my grandfather died.


There's no guarantee.

I'd like to get off at Fifth Avenue.

I am single.

How will you earn your daily bread?

Clouds were floating in the sky.

The pie is delicious.

I'm going to make you a list of what to buy.


We like her.

You've touched my heart.

He must have lost his marbles.

I know how important it is.

Where did you eat?

We are busy preparing for our wedding and honeymoon.

Daren likes blondes.

I wanted to go.

We may as well go at once.


The only alternatives are success and death.

Were they busy last week?

Is there any English native speaker here?

We must do more.

I know your feelings are hurt.

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I am thinking of going abroad next year.


Evan was willing to give it a try.


Most people don't like hospitals.

I spent the whole afternoon cleaning my house.

After graduation, Liber decided to find work in Panama.

The richest man in the world cannot buy everything.

Upon seeing that, he stood up.

Do you want me to call them?

People usually only see a medical specialist like a urologist or a gastroenterologist after an initial referral by their primary healthcare provider.

I abhor politics.

Andreas is somewhere here on the campus.

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Damone thanked Nhan for her help.


He is different from what he used to be.

We should probably go home.

We'll be working together.

I didn't have enough time.

The best ear training is tuning a piano or harpsichord.


You'd better take them home.

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It's very big of you to admit you're wrong.

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That was a great party.


Sex is important to me.

He spent a sleepless night.

The boy lay on the sofa.

Would you like to go for a walk with me along the shore?

The ship at length reached the home port.

The first was not the best.

She frantically dialled 911.

You need to go with her now.

It's nothing compared to what she did to me.

Can I get ready for school?

They went on a trip abroad for the first time.


Tracey gave Ritalynne some flowers he'd picked.